Drafting manuals

Many legislative drafting offices have drafting manuals and similar materials.

Below are the drafting manuals that CALC is aware of.

CALC is unable to provide recommendations about drafting manuals. Also, there may be other drafting manuals that CALC is not aware of. If you have information about other drafting manuals, please send details to webmaster@calc.ngo.

Australia -- Office of Parliamentary Counsel  OPC Drafting Manuals
Australia -- Office of Parliamentary Counsel  Reducing complexity in legislation
Australia -- Australian Capital Territory -- Parliamentary Counsel's Office ACT drafting and publishing practice
Australia -- New South Wales -- Parliamentary Counsel's Office Publications -- preparing legislation
Canada -- Department of Justice Guide fédéral de jurilinguistique législative française (JLF)
Canada -- Department of Justice Legistics
The Commonwealth Commonwealth Legislative Drafting Manual
European Union Joint Practical Guide for persons involved in drafting of EU legislation
New Zealand -- Law Commission Legislation Manual
New Zealand -- Parliamentary Counsel Office Plain language
Scotland -- Scottish Government Parliamentary Counsel Office Drafting Matters
United Kingdom -- Office of the Parliamentary Counsel OPC drafting guidance
United Kingdom -- Office of the Parliamentary Counsel Good law
United Kingdom -- OLC (Cardiff), OPC (London), OLC (Belfast), and PCO (Edinburgh)  Guidance on instructing: common legislative solutions 
United States of America -- Federal -- House of Representatives Legislative Counsel HOLC Guide to Legislative Drafting
Wales -- Welsh Government -- Office of the Legislative Counsel Legislative Drafting Guidelines