About CALC

CALC is the Commonwealth Association of Legislative Counsel. CALC's object is to promote cooperation in matters of professional interest among people in the Commonwealth engaged in legislative drafting, training people in legislative drafting or editing legislative drafts. CALC has members in most parts of the Commonwealth.

CALC was established at the Commonwealth Law Conference held in Hong Kong in 1983. Meetings of CALC were held in conjunction with each Commonwealth Law Conference until 2022 when CALC conferences became separate. For information on past and future conferences see the Conferences page.

As well as the formal proceedings of the Association itself, CALC meetings involve the presentation of papers on matters of interest to legislative counsel and general discussions about the matters as well.

Papers presented at CALC conferences, and other papers prepared between conferences by CALC members or others, are published in CALC's occasional journal, The Loophole. CALC also publishes a Newsletter.

For single articles from papers presented at CALC conferences or printed in The Loophole, see papers.

CALC became a duly accredited organisation to the Commonwealth on 20 March, 2011. A copy of the approval letter can be downloaded (PDF 204 KB).

For more about CALC's history, structure, and role, see these articles: