CALC offers a range of services to its members. These are in addition to the highly successful CALC conferences that are held every 2 years. Information about these services are below.

Advertising drafting positions

CALC advertises drafting positions that are available on our Employment page. For most jurisdictions, there is a charge to post an advertisement. In addition to posting the advertisement, CALC will send an email to every CALC member across the Commonwealth advising them of the position.

If you would like to advertise a job or obtain more information, contact CALC Secretary Kate Hannah at

CALC Forum

The CALC forum is a place where CALC members can post questions or comments about drafting related issues. Other CALC members can then comment and discuss those issues.

CALC members are encouraged to participate in the CALC forum.

CALC online drafting advice service

The CALC online drafting advice service involves providing free online drafting advice to legislative drafting offices (LDOs) in less developed jurisdictions.

The service is primarily aimed at CALC members in legislative drafting offices in developing jurisdictions that have limited drafting resources. However, the service is open to all legislative drafting offices that have CALC members.

Any request for advice must be sent through (or with the endorsement of) the head of the drafting office from which the request is coming.

Requests for advice should be limited to things such as:

  • drafting issues relating to particular provisions within a bill;
  • model provisions or precedents for achieving a particular legislative goal; and
  • whether a draft provision is fit for a particular purpose.

A panel of experienced drafters will be available to respond to requests for drafting advice.

For more details on the service, including on how and where to send requests, please see the CALC online drafting advice service page.

Re: New CALC service – advice on office organisation

An office organisation advice service has been established by CALC Council to provide advice, on request, to legislative drafting offices in less developed jurisdictions on office organisation.

The service operates in response to requests for advice on office organisation by eligible members. The head of any drafting office in a less developed jurisdiction (or, if there is no drafting office, the person primarily responsible for legislative drafting) or in any jurisdiction with serious resource constraints that could benefit from using the service, is eligible to use the service.

Requests for advice should be limited to the following matters:

  1. Organisational structure
  2. Workforce planning and human resource management, including in particular:
    1. effective recruitment, training and succession planning
    2. how to develop a solid knowledge base in a drafting office
    3. drafting team structure
    4. assigning responsibility for training and development
    5. identifying and fulfilling corporate service needs
    6. performance management
  3. Workflow planning and management (including particular considerations where a drafting office deals with both primary and delegated legislation)
  4. Quality assurance mechanisms
  5. Ways to make the most of limited resources, including ways in which information technology and other tools can be used to improve efficiency
  6. Ways to optimise organisational culture
  7. Strategic planning and reporting.

Advice on office organisation will be provided by CALC members who have been the head of a drafting office or the manager of a drafting office.

Requests for advice will be submitted via email to

For further information, please see the CALC office organisation advice service page.